Public Presentations

Did you know that you can book Robert for your bird club or festival?!

Here are some possible presentation topics:

The Joy of Patch Birding - having a local birding patch can be the most rewarding form of birdwatching.    Using eBird, journaling, photography, bird feeding, and more to make the most of your patch, especially when you have limited time and resources.

Birding on the Web - Discussion of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the online birding world, social media, blogs, etc.  Who are the players in the online birding world?  What makes them great? Which bloggers, tweeters, facebook'ers, G+'ers should every birder be following.  Among so many, which are the best birding websites?  Want, a full-time job with no pay or benefits, try bird blogging!

Birding is Fun! - Looking at ways to reinvigorate that birding spirit and to have more fun while birding?  I've got all kinds of tips.  This is for all birders, even the most grizzled old curmudgeon of a birdwatcher.

Birding on the Cheap - Looking at ways to do a lot of birding and even photography on a budget.  Patch birding, make-shift photo blinds, do-it-yourself bird baths, etc.

Christian-Conservative Birder - "A Freak Among Freaks!" - A light-hearted look at: Can a Christian-Conservative fit into the world of birding?  How to deal with that self-loathing and internal conflict between your conservative politics and your love of nature and birds.  And, how to deal with the crazy atheist socialists that seem to dominate our hobby.

Birding Field Guide App Competition - Do you have a digital bird field guide on your smartphone?  Participate in a time trial against others in the class.  Let's find out together which apps are the easiest to use and which have the best information.

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