Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Who" are you?

Just look at those grumpy eyes! We have a nesting pair of Great Horned Owls right on the greenbelt near the corner of Streams Edge and Claymore. They are using an old Magpie nest and the mate is in a tree nearby. They are extremely visible to the naked eye. Pretty cool!

Please enjoy it without getting too close and agitating them. We want them to stick around so we can watch them raise the chicks.

Eight Canada Geese were at the Avimor Town Lake this morning too. I've seen them fly over, but this is the first time I have observed them on the ground visiting Avimor.

The Western Meadowlark and Killdeer continue to increase in numbers. The Starlings and Robins appear to be establishing their mates and nests. The Dark-eyed Juncos are still here in large numbers and they really seem to be enjoying all the seed I put out for last weekends bird walk.

The American Goldfinch appear to be starting their Spring molt. During the winter they are brownish with faint traces of yellow. This morning I was seeing lots of bright lemon yellow faces. It won't be long before they are bright yellow all over. (see pictures below to see the plumage changes)

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