Thursday, May 7, 2009

Magnificent May Morning at Avimor

I took a stroll along the greenbelt and Foothills Heritage Park this morning. The birds of color were in incredible abundance. Two dozen Lazuli Buntings deocrating a tree. Several American Goldfinch in their bright lemon yellow plummage. A handful of Yellow Warblers singing from the tree tops, and solitary orange-flamed Bullock's Oriole. I found a Black-billed Magpie nest where the parents were feeding Magpie chicks. Brown Headed Cowbirds were courting. Now that is how to start a wonderful day at Avimor!

The next beautiful bird to be looking out for is the Western Tanager. Last year we exprienced an "irruption" of Tanagers in this area. An "irruption" is a sudden upsurge in numbers.

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