Tuesday, January 11, 2011

While I was birding...at Antelope Island State Park, Utah

While birds seem to be my main focus on outdoor adventures, I do take time to enjoy the other fine aspects of nature.  My recent trip to Antelope Island I knew would be a good one for my young kids because I had read about the abundant big wildlife that would surely capture their attention and hopefully their hearts.  Here are some photos of what we saw...while I was birding.

Bison, also known as a Buffalo to those of us that aren't so particular about mammal speciation.

These beast are in herds all over the island that we visited.  Seeing them helped me imagine what the great plains might have looked like before earlier American's plundered them. 

Cotton-tailed Rabbit
There were also some cool winter-furred Jack Rabbits bounding through the brush and rocks, but they were too fast for my shutter.

Coyote - we saw a few of these.  This guy ran right in front of our car.
My next couple posts will feature the Pronghorn (that we uncaring call Antelope) for which the island received its name.  Also a post is in the works starring the ubiquitous Porcupine on Antelope Island which were unexpected and delightful.


  1. Beautiful pictures of the animals.

  2. Gorgeous images especially of the bison. Just gorgeous. Carol

  3. @Bob Bushell @Carol Mattingly
    Thank you both for the your comments!

  4. @Dawn Thanks Dawn. I am so excited to live near such great birding locations in Utah. I have mountain canyons to my east, just minutes away. To my west, the Great Salt Lake. Antelope Island and the causeway are one of the great Utah birding hotspots.

  5. Lovely photos. I'm quite jealous.

  6. Some very nice pics... especially the rabbit and Coyote.

  7. Your photos fill me with longing for Utah!