Friday, November 7, 2014

World Shorebirds Day and the Birds I Saw at the Shore

Sandpipers at Wharton Point 9-6-2014
 I posted about World Shorebirds Day in September when I was out counting birds. At that time I used photos I already had on file, but these are some of the actual birds I saw while out doing my bird counts. I counted birds in several locations, including Wharton's Point, Simpson's Point, Barnes landing and my own Mere Point Boat Launch. Though the official day was September 6, people were encouraged to count for all three days of that weekend. Here in Maine it was shorebird migration, so I saw shorebirds in places I had never seen them before. I also found a few shorebirds inland along the Kennebec River in Norridgewock, Maine. Maine is an amazing place to bird and I feel privileged to live here! Checks out the links below to find more info and see more birds!

Least Sandpiper at Barnes Landing, Brunswick, ME 9-6-14

Semiplamated Plover in the Mere Point Cove 9-3-14

Semiplamated Sandpiper in Mere Point cove 9-3-14

Snowy Egrets in Marsh Grass at Wharton's Point 9-6-14

Mere Point Cove at the Mere Point Boat Launch 9-3-14


  1. You do look to get a great variety there, Kathie.

  2. Can you imagine a world without shorebirds??? It's horrifying. Cool birds all of them!

  3. I love shorebirds. Your photos are wonderful. I have never heard of World Shorebirds Day.

    1. Jen, this was the first year they did it. It was fun to go out and just see what shorebirds were around. Some artists went out and drew or painted the birds, instead of taking photos. It was a nice way to get involved!

  4. Lovely clear crisp photos of such a variety of delightful shore birds!

  5. Sounds like a great day! I have never heard of World Shorebird day until I read your wonderful post, Kathie. I must check it out! Such pretty birds photographed. Beautiful!