Saturday, February 7, 2015

Maine Birds in Winter

Hairy Woodpecker (female) Lisbon, ME 1-16-15
 It's been a bit "hairy" around my house and I have not been able to post here for over two months. I am still healing from a dislocated shoulder, but I thought that I would show you some of the birds I have seen here in Maine since moving here just about a year ago. I went on a search through all of my photos, and suddenly realized I had too many for one post! So, I have broken them up by season, and am starting with Winter, and continuing on for the next three months with the next three seasons! So, please come back to see more Maine Birds!

Ring-billed Gull and Herring Gulls in Wiscasset 3-15-14
 Last winter when I first arrived I went in search of birds, not knowing any of the local hotspots.

Canada Geese in the Kennebec River, Bath, Maine 3-15-14
I found seagulls in Wiscasset and Canada Geese at the South Boat Launch in Bath.

Snow Buntings in Livermore, ME 11-21-14

While this is not the best photo, I was thrilled to add Snow Buntings to my Life List this year.

Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk in my backyard, Brunswick, ME 11-29-14
Update 2-9-14: This bird was misidentified as a juvenile Red-tailed hawk initially. Thanks to a fellow birder, it has now been corrected. Field marks are speckling on breast instead of across belly, smaller, rounder head with a sweeter looking face, smaller bill, and limited gray banding in the tail. Thank you Kyle Lima!

Blue Jay at the Mere Point Boat Launch 12-2-14

Red-bellied Woodpecker at Simpson's Point Landing 12-2-14

Female Buffleheads at the Mere Point Boat Launch 12-21-14

Barred Owl on Rossmore Road in Brunswick, ME 1-1-14
This was my first Barred Owl in Maine!

Cardinal and Juncos in my backyard 1-4-15

A pair of immature Bald Eagles playing with each other over the Kennebec River in Bath 1-13-15

Eastern Bluebirds in Lisbon 1-16-15
Bluebirds are rare in winter, but definitely possible!

Common Redpolls in my backyard 1-18-15

Hermit Thrush in my backyard 1-18-15

Links to some local eBird Hotspots:
January 1st sunset at Wharton's Point

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  1. Some lovely winter birds there, Kathie.

  2. Great series of images! I can't relate to winter birding in a cold environment (Florida native) but it would be wonderful to see some of the species you have shown here!

    1. Thank you Wally Jones! I love to bird in Florida as well and sure wish I could be there right about now! I spent 2 weeks there last winter and would love to go again, but it is not possible this year.

  3. Hi Kathy, well I am finally able to at least figure out how to view your blog and leave a comment using Google+. I just have a difficult time using it. Your name frequently appears in top right hand corner of my Google+ home page, yet I was not sure sorry. Your images are stunning and I especially loved the first year RSH, juvie BE's and Barred Owl...splendid~

    1. Mary Cromer, I am clueless in regards to the functions of Google+, but I am sure glad you finally found a way to view this blog and comment. Thank you for visiting BiF. Come stop by my main blog, Kathie's Birds, if you like!

  4. Kathie, you have seen some beautiful winter birds since you have moved to Maine! I especially love the buntings (recently, a life bird for me too) and the pretty bluebirds. I was surprised to see the sweet Hermit Thrush in your area. Beautiful image! Looking forward to your spring post!