Thursday, April 16, 2015

Let's Face It

I am always captivated by the beauty of the birds I notice while on birding excursions. More often than not, the birds are seen and photographed at quite a distance. Every once in a while, I am fortunate to observe a bird at close range. These rare instances allow me to take note of interesting beaks, beautiful eye colors and stunning, intricate feathers from a variety of birds.  Let's take a look at some close-ups ...


Female Anhinga

Female and male Anhingas

Sandhill Crane

Yellow-crowned  Night Heron

Juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron

 Virginia Rail

Great Blue Heron

Juvenile Great Blue Heron

Reddish Egret

Great Egret

Brown Pelican

White Ibis

Roseate Spoonbill

Posted by Julie Gidwitz


  1. Some great portraits there. It is interesting to see the details and colours which aren't normally so obvious.

  2. Your photos are stunners Julie! Nicely captured!

  3. Gorgeous shots ! Great captured the faces of birds !

  4. It's incredible to be able to look closely at nature's beauty. How often bird's faces have the most interesting and beautiful markings. Nicely done, Julie!

  5. Hi Julie, Thank you for yet another quite amazing post. Getting the close-ups is wonderful in itself but your patience and perfection in focus makes these pictures truly special. I have to wonder how much time you invested in getting these shots. I would consider myself lucky to get one or two out of an hour’s observation, even in a place where the birds gather. My first inclination is to always ask you what kind of camera and lens you use, but I’ve seen enough of your work and other’s birding photos to know it isn’t the camera … it’s your expertise! Just great! Here are comments on some of the individual birds …
    Female Anhinga – the eye detail with little blue oval around the pupil
    Sandhill Crane – Definition of red head is quite amazing
    Yellow-crowned Night Heron – Super tiny feathers – giant pupils
    Juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron – pattern of feathers and yellow around eye and beak
    Great Blue Heron – Blue around eye
    Juvenile Great Blue Heron – Golden tone of some body feathers revealed
    Reddish Egret – Even the tiny eye of the captured fish is clear
    Roseate Spoonbill – Confirmation the name is perfect!
    As always, thank you for sharing your wonderful work!

  6. Superb portraits! I like all of them

  7. Awesome captures! I was just in central FL & saw all these birds but was not able to capture them (though I certainly tried!) as well as you have. Beautiful portraits Julie!