Birding + Geocaching = BirdCaching

What you need to get started:
  • GPS device or GPS enabled smartphone
  • account (free or premium accounts available) - You can add me as a friend on that site. My username is Birding is Fun! 
  • Geocaching app by Groundspeak* (recommended)
  • BirdLog app (recommended)
Never heard of geocaching??? Check out this primer video clip.

How to BirdCache:
  • While visiting traditional geocache locations, simply conduct a stationary survey for 5 minutes or longer identifying all the birds you see and/or hear.
  • Report sightings to eBird using the BirdLog app, or make a list to report later on
  • You can also share your bird sightings list in your cache log on your geocaching app or when logging the find on Perhaps this will serve as an outreach program to interest more people in birding.
  • Follow the principles of Leave No Trace
Placing a BirdCache:
  • Follow cache placing guidelines from
  • Register the cache location on and name it "[location name] - BirdCache". Naming it like this will let other birders know that it was specifically placed as a BirdCache site. It will also let regular geocachers know beforehand what type of cache it is.
  • If it does not already exist, create an eBird hotspot for this location so others can use it on eBird and so you can enjoy tracking the bird sightings data at that location.
  • Consider creating a series of BirdCaches at great birding locations near you. (Always obtain permission from the land owner first!)
  • Be careful not to place caches in locations that would be abused by too much people traffic. You may wish to create virtual caches if you prefer not to leave man-made items out in the wild.
Items to include in the cache:
BirdCache using an ammo box
  • Log Book - an inexpensive notepad in a zip-lock sandwich bag to avoid moisture damage.
  • Pencil/Pen for finders to write with.
  • Instructions inviting cache finders to indicate the date and time and to list all the birds seen and/or heard from the cache location. Maybe even invitation to use eBird, a free service for logging bird sightings. Please indicate that the birding aspect of this cache is completely optional for the finder.
  • Include a laminated pamphlet of birds of the area, a checklist of area birds, or maybe even a field guide.
  • Invite non-birder cache finders to download a birding app to their smartphones. They are so inexpensive now they're almost free!
  • Depending on the size of the cache, you may include other trinkets for trade.
  • Trackable items are also fun. Send one out into the world and see where it goes. Perhaps include instructions asking it to show up at a birding festival you plan to attend.
I will monitor BirdCaches listed on and maintain a list of them on this page of When you go BirdCaching or place a BirdCache, please tell us about it!

British Columbia:
Birds of Victoria (series) by The_Incredibles_

New Jersey:
Ornithology: Divided Rock by weathernowcast

New York:
Adirondack Bird Series by Barefoot Joe

The Bird Cache by Nescopeck State Park (megbird)

Several caches by Trekkin' and Birdin'

*The Groundspeak Geocaching Logo is a registered trademark of Groundspeak, Inc. Used with permission.


  1. Great I love birding and caching!

  2. I like the idea of submitting sightings to eBird, too. I have just started using the ebird app, but it's a bit awkward as far as getting my hotspots 4G for me!