eBird Challenge

Are you ready to take the eBird Challenge? It's very simple:

Average one checklist per day! 

Be it your backyard, your wait at the bus stop, your walk with the dog, or the Dry Tortugas...your bird observations can be from anywhere at any time. Just do your best to average submitting at least one eBird checklist per day.

Yes, its true. eBirders are better than plain ol' ordinary birders. If the truth hurts and you're asking "Why should I use eBird? Well then click here.

If you are willing to take this challenge, please feel free to place the official "One-a-Day eBird Challenge Medallion" on your website or blog.  If you do, let me know and I'll add you to the list below.

 Here is the HTML code for the medallion:

DISCLOSURE:  This challenge is not from the official eBird team, nor from its sponsoring organizations.  It's just from me, an enthusiastic eBirder!

Here are those that have committed to take on the One-a-Day eBird Challenge:

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Kathy Brown - Kathie's Birds
Jeremy Medina - AZ Birdbrain
Janet Hug - Nature's Feather Music
Dawn Villa - Central Oregon Coast
Rob Fergus - The Birdchaser
Mark Elliott - Bit of an Odd Duck
Richard Arnold - Birders Life
Charlotte Wasylik - Prairie Birder
Scott Simmons - Learn Outdoor Photography
Mark - PhotoAvian
Zachary DeBruine - Birdventure
Rob Fowler - Fowlerope Birding
Kelly Rishor- Bird Addiction
Nick Minor - The Science of Birds
Isidro Ortiz - Objetivo al Vuelo
Thomas Rohtsalu - JAXBIRDING.com
France Paulsen - Bird Tweets
David Segura - Tico Birder
Mike Burrell - The Nomadic Naturalist
Alex Burdo - Flight of the Scrub-Jay
Dr. Bob - Dr. Bob's Bird Blog