Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Report: Lovebird Bird Walk

A windy snow storm the night before made the lovebird birdwalk a cold one for our 30 guests. Many of the usual birds were hunkered down or had moved down into the valley to avoid the weather. The birds were few and far between, but we had fun anyway! A warm beverage with sweet Valentine's cookies really hit the spot after that walk.

Some new friends from "A Splash of Color Aviary" dropped by to display a couple pair of real life lovebirds and gave some cool facts about bird breeding.

Michael Wiegand educated us on the various plants along the way. Robert tried out some "pishing" calls that seemed to get the attention of Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Song Sparrows. Special thanks to Kara Mortensen for the photos.

A cute little cotton-tail bunny provided one moment of excitment along the trail.

Bird Species seen and submitted to The Great Backyard Bird Count:
1. American Kestrel
2. Downy Woodpecker
3. Northern Flicker
4. American Crow
5. Black-capped Chickadee
6. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
7. American Robin
8. European Starling
9. Song Sparrow
10. Dark-eyed Junco

Now that Spring is around the corner we should start seeing some birds from the valley migrating back up the canyon toward the mountains as well as birds from the south migrating along the riparian areas.

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