Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nesting Activity

I have been able to observe a Red-Tailed Hawk nesting high atop the power pole across from the Avimor Water Reclamation building. If you have a spotting scope, you can see it really well. I believe a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks are nesting up in some taller trees in the draw running east of the water reservoir.

Momma-Owl is still sitting diligently on her nest. I'm so anxious to see the chicks.

For the second year in a row, a House Finch has nested in the fireplace vent of the Liberton Model home. We don't use the fireplace, so there is no danger. I removed the old nest and tried to block them, but within a week a new nest was built with eggs in it, so we'll wait until the finch chicks fledge and I'll take more permanent measures to keep nests out of where they shouldn't be.

The Robins seem to have found some nest sights in various trees around the model homes and along the creek.

Eurpeon Starlings have created a nest in our framing contractors crane. We'll see how long they last there. Almost every tree cavity along the creek has a Starling nest in it.

It shouldn't be long before the Orioles and Swallows are back and nesting too.

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