Monday, April 27, 2009

The Swallows of Avimor

I have been anxiously awaiting the return of the swallows to the Avimor Town Lakes. Last year there were hundreds of them during the Spring and Summer months. Swallows are very beautiful as you will see from the pictures below. It just takes some patience to enjoy the varieties of color and species.

On Friday morning, 24 April 2009, while I was moving into my new Avimor home, I saw a couple dozen swallows swooping over the ponds. By that afternoon they were gone. I havenn't see them all weekend, nor today. Weird!

Anyway, so when the swallows do make their seasonal return and stay for a few months, here are some identification tips to help you figure out what we are seeing. Focus on color pattern and tail shape and that'll get most of them.

The Barn Swallow is probably our 2nd most predominant swallow at Avimor.
Our most numerous swallow

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  1. On Monday, May 4th I observed over a dozen Violet-Green's, a couple of Banks, and a couple Northern-roughed Wings.