Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birding Laughs: Binoculars and little boys

While living in Mesa, Arizona when I was just really starting to get into birding, I thought it would be nice if I could build some enthusiasm for birding in my then three-year-old son by getting him a little pair of binoculars.  I knew he wouldn't really know how to use them, but being able to pretend to be like daddy, and to be with daddy on outdoor adventures was all that really mattered.  So off to Target we went to find some toy binoculars.

Holding his hand while walking in the front doors, Kyle looked up at me with his big brown adoring eyes and said in his innocent but loud little three-year-old voice, "Dad, you like big knockers and I like little knockers, huh?!"

"Yes, son.  I do."

You should have seen the crusty looks the two ladies walking in front of us turned around and gave me!