Saturday, June 5, 2010


Can you see it?

Often this is about as good as glimpse as you'll get in the field.

This sneaky fella was seen and photographed by me recently at a little-explored birding hot-spot in the marshy area along Joplin Road in Star, Idaho.  

When I lived in Mesa, Arizona, it seemed like I'd see Sora all the time.  They'd just be walking along the edge of the Salt River at Granite Reef Recreation Area, out in the open.  I was very new into birding and I was too blissfully ignorant to realize that what I was seeing was special.  Then I moved to Idaho and it took me three years before I'd see one again.  I've now seen and heard a few in the last couple of months.  Turns out that Soras may be more common in Idaho that most folks realize.  You just have to know the right habitat and it helps to know its sound.  Generally, if its Virginia Rail country, than it should work for Sora too.


  1. I love these guys! I'm impressed with the great shots you got! We usually only get quick glimpses.

  2. I would love to see this bird, Great shots and sighting!

  3. I could not find it in the first photo..great capture...Michelle