Thursday, August 19, 2010

While I was birding...

More critters I came across while I was out birding...

(Remember, you can click on the photo to enlarge your viewing pleasure)

White-lined Sphinx Moth

Growing up here in Idaho we always just called these "hummingbird moths" as they zip around from flower to flower with rapid wing beats like a hummingbird.  The above shot is completely unedited, not even cropped.  I like how the wild roses pass through the picture framing the bottom left and upper right corners with the Sphinx Moth right in the middle.
Two-stripped Grasshopper on Wooly Mullein plant.

These grasshoppers are the bane of my existence right now as they have destroyed my yard.
Great Black Wasp and some other little fly.
Red Paper Wasp - interestingly on the same plant as the Great Black Wasp


  1. Wonderful photo series! They are all great but I especially love the White-lined Sphinx Moth. Fabulous composition! Thank you for sharing a beautiful set of close-ups for us all to enjoy.

  2. Wildlife photography provides natural habitats in existing glimpse into the fashinating world of nature and wildlife. thanks . All amazing photograph here.

  3. Nice post! I've always loved those types of moths.

  4. The Sphinx Moth is beautiful and the picture of the grasshopper too. But not good, that they destroyed your yard.

  5. Stunning Macro,love the last image,
    fantastic detail.

  6. Some of those creatures look a little scary they are so close up. Great pictures though, especially that grasshopper.