Saturday, October 30, 2010

in the next issue of Birder's World

Back in early September I posted about a rare Long-tailed Jaeger in the Boise area.  I submitted the photo to Birder's World's online gallery and they asked if they could use the photo in the section called "Photo gallery of recent rare-bird sightings" for the Dec 2010 issue.  I received a couple of advance copies from them.  So, I am lucky to have one of my photos published in a birding magazine!  (Not for the photo's particular beauty or composition by any means, but because of the bird being an infrequent visitor. But still...I am honored and excited about it!)

This issue of Birder's World is particularly impressive with the Great Gray and Snowy Owl photography by Gordon Court.  There is also an article about hummingbird migration and overwintering in the southern states with quotes and a nice photo of Fred Bassett who I have featured on my blog a couple of times:

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  1. Congrats!! Are you still traveling?

  2. Congratulations on being published! Wonderful news :)

  3. Interesting! Congratulations on the sighting as well as the photo being published! I have never seen a jaeger of any kind and I had not neard of that magazine either!