Friday, November 12, 2010

Free Birding Skills Webinar by John Robinson

I recently saw on Jim McCormac's blog Ohio Birds and Biodiversity a mention about a free webinar by John Robinson, author of "Birding for Everyone".  Jim was one of John's guest presenters on Wednesday night.  A webinar is like a conference call where you can see what the presenter is showing on your computer screen.  It looked interesting enough that I signed up for it.  John and his assistant Tracie Church are very good to provide participants recordings of the past webinar sessions you may have missed to allow you to get up to speed.  I watched one of them a couple days ago and then Wednesday night was the first one I listened to live.  It was great!!!

John is sharing some of the fundamental skills in identifying birds by sight and sound that is very helpful to beginners and experts alike.  They have some great tips and tricks from their practical field experience.  The webinars have interactive poll questions and nice graphics.  An e-mail before the webinar gives you the chance to use your newly enhanced bird identifying skills with a photo challenge.  There are even drawings for free birding stuff and a pair of binoculars will be given away at the lest webinar in December.

I found that this webinar format works really well for me, both for the learning style and for the convenience.  It's like a birding festival seminar for free!  Its the next best thing to being in the field with the likes of John and Jim.  I really really really enjoyed it. 

I invite you to join me for the next webinar this coming Wednesday evening.  You can register here.

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