Monday, November 1, 2010

Autumn Feathers - American Goldfinch

"Even without my yellow make-up, I am still beautiful!"

"Only a handful of other bird species are as deft was we are!"

Alfalfa from the Little Rascals!
"Even more than that nyger stuff those humans put in fish-net stockings, these dried sunflowers are my favorite food!"

A little bug for an appetizer?
"Mmm...a food source!"

Makin' sure the coast is clear...

...and there are no Sharpies around, so it's safe to eat.

There are some nice protein filled seeds in there!
"Forget manners!  I'll just plunge my whole beak in."


  1. Great collection and beautiful photos.

  2. Great action shots of the Goldfinch Bob.

  3. It's fairly clear that the male goldfinch changes colors when it molts, bright in the spring to attract a mate, and perhaps olive in the winter to avoid predation. But the explanation for the winter molt seems a little incomplete. Many other birds maintain bright colors in the winter and do not suffer abundant predation. Do you have a clue as to some other reasons the male might be olive colored in the winter?


  4. Thanks for the nice comments. Interesting question Bill. Does the olive color absorb and retain heat better than the yellow? Is it because of the way it feeds that make it need more camo in the winter? Is it because of changes in food sources? Hmm...

  5. From Birds of North America online: Recent interest in this species has centered on the control and function of its striking yellow plumage and orange beak coloration. These colors are derived from carotenoid pigments, which birds and all other vertebrates acquire from their diet. Females prefer to mate with males that exhibit the brightest colors and thus may acquire the most skilled foragers in doing so.

  6. wow, that´s great shots of the american goldfinch. And your comments ads to the story. :)

  7. Beautiful captures of the American Goldfinch Robert! They do love those sunflower seed plants. Ours are stripped of leaf and seed every year but that's OK, that's why we plant them!

    Love that last shot!

  8. Great series. I love the alfalfa shot. Made me laugh!

  9. Great shots! Goldfinches are regular Winter visitors to our yard. I look forward to their return this year.

  10. Great series of shots and a bit of humor also!

  11. ...these are fantastic. I don't know how I missed it!!