Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Splendor

The spring season is one of my favorite times of the year. Along with milder temperatures, the greening of foliage and flowering trees, bird migration occurs. Colorful, active birds make regular stops throughout the Midwest. Some delight us with their beauty throughout the summer months and others stop for only a brief visit as they make their way north. Below I feature several of the beautiful birds I look forward to observing over the next couple of months here in Chicago and northwest Indiana.

A stunning Yellow Warbler seeks the perfect seed

Singing a delightful melody ~Yellow-rumped Warbler

A resplendent male Indigo Bunting displays his brilliant breeding plumage

A Sora makes its way gingerly across a fallen limb

A brilliant breathtaking sight on our country property ~ Scarlet Tanager

 Searching for sustenance ~ Chestnut-sided Warbler

A diminutive Ruby-throated Hummingbird shows off its pretty iridescent green feathers

Seeking food amid the tree blooms ~ Blackburnian Warbler

A sightly Canada Warbler pauses momentarily

Looking over the reflective pond ~ Northern Waterthrush

Common Yellowthroats are seen often throughout the spring months

Foraging amid the grasses ~ Palm Warbler

Peek-a-boo! A Prothonotary Warbler seeks food under a fallen tree branch

A pretty female Baltimore Oriole delights in the blooming tree buds

Posted by Julie Gidwitz


  1. Fantastic shots! I love this series! That northern waterthrush photo is pretty amazing.

  2. What a stunning rainbow collection. Beautiful colours, beautiful birds and beautiful shots. Just fab!

  3. Beautiful images Julie and each one makes me think "Spring"!

  4. Your shots of these colorful little birds are stunning and so crystal clear.
    Nicely done.
    Have a happy day,
    cheers :)

  5. Wow wow! Great warbler shots. This is like a dream 'must-see' list for me, brilliantly displayed.
    And hey, a great Sora shot too to top it off--that's not a bird one often sees out in the open like that.

    Great stuff, well done!

  6. At first I was thinking, oh I love the Yellow Rumped Warbler and then I got to the Indigo Bunting and then...well the list just kept growing per usual. I sure wish that I could get as close as you do to your subjects, but also so many species of to enjoy that so much!

  7. Gorgeous shots Julie! I love the Indigo Bunting.

  8. Awesome Julie. That gets my heart pumping for Spring time birding!!!

  9. It is my favorite time of the year too. The birds are so colorful. Great post and beautiful photos, Julie!

  10. Beautiful series of photos Julie! They are all outstanding.

  11. Gorgeous images Julie ... can't wait to start seeing all the spring warblers!

  12. Fantastic images Julie, really stunning looks at some wonderful birds.

  13. Oh wow. The Northern Waterthrush!!! All of your shots are gorgeous, Julie.

  14. Great post, Julie! Wonderful photos that represent spring renewal ... looking forward to seeing many of these migrants in our area :o)

  15. Hermosos pájaros, hermosos colores y hermosas fotos.

  16. Good grief. These are knockout birds. I wish we had these beauties in Colorado.

  17. What gorgeous pictures of these spring beauties! I hope to see some of them myself this year!