Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crawdads On The Menu

In February, I wrote about the Snowy Egret and its diet. (What's For Dinner? Snowy Egret) This month, I want to share my Great Egret photo and its crawfish meal.

The Great Egret, also known as the Great White Egret is found in tropical and warmer regions of the world. It is actually a large Heron with solid white plumage.

They are very much like the Snowy Egret with their diet and where they feed. They feed in shallow water and their diet consists mainly of frogs, fish and small mammals. They sometimes prey on small size reptiles and insects. They use their long, sharp bill to spear some of their prey. As you can see from my photos, crawdads are also on their menu.

You can see more of this Great Egret eating this crawdad here: A Close Look At How Egrets Eat Crawdads