Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Change of Seasons brings first of year (FOY) birds

Snow Geese at Dusk

Red-Wing Blackbirds and Grackles at Dusk
    Over the last few weeks, new birds have been showing up.  Not just the Red-Winged Blackbirds, but sparrows and swallows, Phoebes, Ospreys, etc.  This time of year, my brain and ears get a workout trying to remember and place the calls of many different birds, having just peeps to listen to over the winter.

Hooded Merganser male in flight
female and male Hooded Merganser
Tufted Titmouse
Song Sparrow

    Where a birding trip might get 10-12 species in winter, it is now common to get over 30.  The water fowl are in breeding plumage and gathering in the ponds, the ice now melted.  It feels good to get out and go for birding hikes again, my winter having not done much.

Tree Swallow
    In previous years, I have been counting species and first of year birds.  This year I have not been counting or listing as I have in the past, likely as I am in a new place and don't have my normal spots to go to sorted out yet.  Meeting folks along the trails is always a pleasure.  I get many suggestions on good spots to see certain species.  The social aspect of birding remains one of my favorite parts, as there are a lot of wonderful folks to meet.
More Snow Geese
From 2-13


  1. Dan, I can totally relate to reacquainting myself with the calls of spring arriving birds. That Tree Swallow photo with the red rusty barbed wire is pretty awesome!

  2. Spring is my favorite season! Beautiful series of photographs! The Snow Geese at dusk and Tree Swallow images I am especially fond of, but they all are quite lovely.

  3. great shot of the spring arrivers

  4. Some beautiful photos here Dan. I love the tree swallow on the barbed wire fence!

  5. Thanks very much for the very kind comments.