Thursday, April 25, 2013

This Awesome Birding Weekend!

Birders all around the world are introducing others to the thrill of birds and birding this weekend! We at invite you to take the Pledge 2 Fledge a new birder. Share your experiences and photos from this weekend of birding at the Pledge 2 Fledge Facebook page. When you love birds and birding as much as we do, you just can't but help sharing your excitement and passion with others. If you are anywhere close to the Boise, Idaho area, or you want to come and visit, this Saturday I am hosting a Pledge 2 Fledge event for the Pacific Northwest region and we're calling it the Boise Bird Festival. I'll make an effort to take lots of pictures to share here soon.

This just in from the good folks at Nature Share...

To celebrate JJ Audubon's Birthday on Friday we are putting app of our single-subject apps on sale. Sale runs 4/25 - 4/29.

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  1. Glad to hear about the discounted audubon apps, though they haven't lowered the prices on amazon yet. Hopefully kindle fire users won't get left out...