Monday, July 1, 2013

Red-eyed Vireo

Red-eyed Vireo - digiscoped with a Swarovski ATX 85mm spotting scope and handheld iPhone 4S.
While one of the most common birds of the eastern woodlands, the Red-eyed Vireo is not very common where I live in southwestern Idaho. There is one small patch about a half hour to the north of Boise where Red-eyed Vireos can be found consistently every year. I'd like to thank the late Harry Krueger for telling me about this unique location. This legend of Idaho birding passed away at far too young an age recently.

Returning with my 12 year old son from a week of Scout Camp in McCall, ID, we stopped at Porter Creek Road to see the Red-eyed Vireo. I have not seen one for a couple of years and I've never been able to get a photo before either, until now! Oh man...I love the opportunities digiscoping opens up for me!

We drove up the road to the large pull-out and I could hear the Red-eyed Vireo singing even before I opened the door. We watched it eat several caterpillars. After plucking it off a leaf it would beat it against the branch, hold the tenderized caterpillar down with one foot and eat the juicy guts. That was cool to see, even for a 12 year old boy.

Red-eyed Vireo sightings in the Pacific Northwest in 2013 per eBird.

2013 sightings as reported to eBird showing the range of the Red-eyed Vireo.


  1. Beautiful photos of such a pretty bird!

  2. Great shot Robert!

    You're a master of the digiscope!

  3. Wow, stunning image of the vireo! It shows off the bright red eye so very well.

  4. That is a fabulous photo. I have captured one, not as clear as this. We have them all over the forest!