Sunday, June 30, 2013

National Geographic Magazine: Last Song for Migrating Birds

Cyprus - A whitethroat, en route to winter grounds in Africa, is caught on a lime stick. - David Guttenfelder/National Geographic
The latest issue of National Geographic Magazine has an article by writer/birder Jonathan Franzen. It is a
hard hitting exposé on the indiscriminate killing of migratory birds in the Mediterranean region. This is a critical issue that demands our attention. I invite you to read the article online or to purchase the magazine.

Speaking of which, I've been a NatGeo member on and off for most of my life...when I could afford it. I recently acquired an iPad for work and just started enjoying the National Geographic Magazine app. What a glorious experience reading the interactive magazine on the iPad! I highly recommend it.

Below is a video clip of photographer David Guttenfelder describing some of his experiences.

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  1. I subscribe to National Geographic and read the article. Around the Mediterranean hunting songbirds for food and sport is such a heart wrenching story. Jonathan Franzen had an article on the same topic, "Emptying the Sky", in the New Yorker in 7/2010. Kudos to him for bringing this issue to the world's attention!