Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fishing heron style...

I photographed this juvenile Tricolored Heron last June at the Ibis Pond rookery on Pinckney Island near Hilton Head, SC. He was a careful and precise "fisherman," and he was successful more than he wasn't when it came to nabbing prey. He definitely knew what he was doing, so I thought it only appropriate to pass on his step-by-step guide to heron fishing...

1. Spy the prey.

2. Stretch...

3. Stretch...

4. Stretch...

5. Nab!
Another successful capture.
We didn't get to go to Hilton Head this June, so I'm missing out on all the baby herons, ibises, egrets, and storks. I wonder how they are doing... Has anyone seen the rookery this year?

To end, here's a little video of our heron fishing...

Juvenile Tricolored Heron Fishing from Kelly Riccetti on Vimeo.


  1. Bonitas capturas y video de este juvenil.Un abrazo

  2. Brilliant, Julie!! A joy to scroll through while waking up with my morning coffee!!

  3. And they can be very patient as they wait for just the right moment! Nice photos.

  4. Awesome photograph documentation of a heron fishing! Tricolored Herons are so very beautiful. I love the unruly sprouts on this juvenile's head. Terrific photographs and video, Kelly!