Thursday, October 24, 2013

Birding my backyard

Birding is fun

October 24,2013

Birding is fun, especially when you do not have to leave your yard to go birding. For my post I am sharing the warblers that moved thru my yard the last two weeks of September and some into October.
The Chestnut-sided warbler is just one of the warblers that I am excited about. It seems the warblers are really attracted to Pokeberries. They LOVE them.

A mosaic of my fall backyard warblers.

A fall Chestnut-sided Warbler

The warblers came in waves at first it was the Chestnut-sided Warbler.

 A fall Black-throated Green Warbler.

A fall Cape May Warbler

 Another Cape May Warbler at the pokeberries.

A fall Nashville Warbler going after some pokeberries.

Another shot of the Nashville Warbler.

This Goldfinch looking bird is really a Tennessee Warbler..For me the beak is one way of id-ing a warbler.

Like the shot above at times I was seeing two Cape May Warblers together, but it was hard trying to focus on one bird with the pokeberries and leaves in the way. I believe I had some other warblers moving around my yard, a few times I would see a warbler disappear into our weeping cherry tree before I could id.

The beautiful Black-throated Blue Warbler.

Looks like the warblers also found the crepe myrtle to be a favorite. Like the Scarlet Tanagers in my previous post about the local breeders the Scarlet Tanager.

Last but not least is the pretty fall Northern Parula. The Northern Parula  is a breeder in the woods next to my house.

All of these photos were taken from my deck or my dining room window. It is pretty cool to be able to see all these warblers right in my yard. I am wondering what warblers I was missing during the week while I was at work.  I am lucky I did not have to travel to see them, they all came to see me or more likely to eat our pokeberries.

Happy Birding!
Viewing nature with Eileen 


  1. You certainly have some great backyard visitors. The migrations in the U.S. must be spectacular - thanks for sharing this one.

  2. Hallo Eileen!!!
    Wow!!!So many beautiful birds in your yard!!!
    Great shots and photos!!
    Amazing collage!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!
    Have a nice day!!!

  3. Loved all your different warblers, Eileen! You've gotten some very nice shots!

  4. gorgeous views. i love the crepe myrtle shot. so beautiful. ( :

  5. Gorgeous photos . . . Love all of the Warblers, small and somewhat dainty.

  6. They are all so cute but the blue one is my favourite.

  7. you do have a GREAT yard for warblering! :)

  8. HI Eileen Fantastic shots from your yard. IS this blog always going to be attached to your normal one?

  9. You are lucky Eileen, to see so many beauties right there in your yard!!

    I really love those warblers, I see them in winter I think!!

  10. That is a great group of birds you caught! All in your yard no less. Nice!

  11. Simply gorgeous!!! You got some amazing shots here, Eileen. Way to go! :)

  12. Nice yard birds! I particularly like the Black-throated Blue Warbler picture. Gorgeous.

  13. this totally uplifted my morning! beautiful yard visitors. superb captures! love all of them.

    wish you a happy weekend!

    big hugs~

  14. Hi Eileen, you sure have a lot of birds in your back yard! And our pictures are soo beautiful!

  15. What a wonderful collection of warbler shots! The shot of the Parula is fantastic! Well done!

  16. Fantastic! You get a fun variety of birds where you live, and I am very grateful you share them with us. Thank you Eileen and a very happy Sunday to you.

  17. WAU - how many beautiful birds you show. Thank you for sharing them :) Hanne Bente

  18. Eileen, I don't think I would ever leave my house if I had all these GORGEOUS warblers visiting my backyard. So many lovely sights! Beautiful photographs of all these colorful birds!