Saturday, November 2, 2013

Autumn Birds

Below are a series of photographs taken during the 2013 autumn season. Highlights of October were spotting three life birds. A pair of  lovely American Avocets, one Harris's Sparrow and a lone Clay-colored Sparrow delighted me with their presence. All of the images were taken in Chicago with the exception of the avocets which were seen at Fermilab, just outside of Batavia, Illinois.

A stunning Black-throated Green Warbler feeds at Montrose Point

Seeking insects ~ Yellow-rumped Warbler

Always a dazzling sight ~ Wood Duck

A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk scans the nature preserve for prey

A gust of wind fluffs the feathers of this pretty Common Yellowthroat

A striking find seen at North Pond ~ Harris's Sparrow

Surrounded by colorful autumn foliage ~ Hermit Thrush

The brilliant pate of a Golden-crowned Kinglet

The radiant plumage of a Magnolia Warbler

Searching for insects on the nature preserve trail ~ Palm Warbler

A tiny Ruby-crowned Kinglet flits from branch to branch

The elegant profiles of lovely American Avocets

Posted by Julie Gidwitz


  1. What a beautiful series of some lovely, beautiful birds~

  2. Once again, your photos (and birds!) are incredible. Congrats on the life birds! I just got my Golden-crowned Kinglet lifer last weekend.

  3. Beautiful pictures.. Nice birds.. Regards..

  4. These photos are absolutely amazing!!! Fantastic photography!

  5. Oh Julie .....awesome captures!!! and Congrats on the LIFERs!!

  6. Some lovely birds there, and very nice photos. Well done on the lifers too.

  7. Gorgeous birds and photos, Julie! Congrats on your lifers, the Harris's Sparrow is a beauty! Happy weekend to you!

  8. Thanks Julie, it's always wonderful to see your great photos.

  9. Delightful photos, as always, Julie! You have had a productive fall with a great variety of beautiful species! The Golden-crowned Kinglet is especially gorgeous!

  10. Lovely series of images Julie. Congrats on the lifers. When I was home in WI, I couldn't get over the number of Palm and Yellow-rump Warblers. It seemed like they were everywhere:)