Monday, July 7, 2014

It's a Green, Green World Out There

Chestnut-sided Warbler, Maine 2014

When spring turns into summer

Baltimore Oriole, Maine 2014

And the world is framed with green

Yellow Warbler, Maine 2014

The birds begin their summer songs,

Song Sparrow, Maine, 2014

Sung sweetly in their canopies,

Common Yellowthroat, Maine 2014

This verdant stage whence they begin to start life anew,

Oriole Nest, Connecticut 2013

nest building, song singing, 

Eastern Phoebe, Maine 2014

Wild Turkeys, Maine 2014
 mate taking, egg laying Life!

Baby Catbird, Maine 2014
On this green stage 

Indigo Bunting, Maine 2014

in the Northeast Jungle,

Mare Brook Estuary, Brunswick, Maine 2014

This rain forest of maple and oaks, birch and ferns,

Blueberries and bogs,

Black-throated Green Warbler on Brunswick Landing, Maine 2014

Berry giving, fruit laden, insect feeding,

Savannah Sparrow at Cohen Meadows Nature Park, Colchester, CT 2014


~Kathie Adams Brown (July 6, 2014)



  1. Your new home is certainly in a great spot, Kathie. It's nice to see some of the birds I saw in Costa Rica in their breeding plumage too.

    1. Happy wanderer, thanks! I sure am enjoying seeing all these birds! I am glad you saw them in Costa Rica as well!

  2. I couldn't believe all the nesting going on around your place! That was a real treat to see. I never really paid attention to any of it until this year. Now I see it all around me everywhere I go. The levels of birding:)

    1. It is very interesting to observe it all so close! What a wonder! I'm glad you were able to come and see it for yourself!

  3. What a wonderful wealth of birds you have were you are now. the photographs are great.

  4. Beautiful post filled with wonderful photographs! Looks like Maine is a great place to see beautiful birds. Love the little ones!