Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Seafood Feast at Low Tide

This past November, my husband and I spent some family time in gorgeous Longboat Key, Florida. One of my favorite spots to photograph and view birds is at Quick Point Nature Preserve. This lush hidden treasure is located on the southeast end of Longboat Key. Throughout my holiday visit, I checked the tide charts to see when low tide(s) would occur. A receding tide offers excellent feeding opportunities for the wildlife in the area. Below are a few birds seen taking advantage of the ebbing Sarasota Bay waters.

A Yellow-crowned Night Heron displays intense concentration when hunting for prey

A powerful strike!

Did this stalker succeed in capturing its intended meal?

Success! A tasty crab treat for this skilled fisherman

A light toss of the leggy crustacean and down the hatch it goes

A yellow-slippered Snowy Egret pulls up quite the fin-flapping fish from between the craggy rocks

Not the most attractive creature, but it will certainly satisfy the appetite

A squiggly eel should slide easily down the throat of this Great Egret

... or perhaps not

Meanwhile, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron continues its splashy food search

Will it strike gold with this forceful head plunge?

Ooh, quite the delicacy! Stone Crab will serve as a fabulous entree choice

It's time for some serious crab crunching!

The beautiful Snowy Egret continues to fare well hunting with this neon blue-striped catch

An elegant Great Egret is victorious in its foraging technique

A little fish flipping is necessary ...

for a seamless swallow

A majestic Osprey consumes the remains of its prized catch

If you are ever near the Sarasota area, be sure to visit Quick Point Nature Preserve at low tide. There are plenty of glorious sights to be seen!

Posted by Julie Gidwitz 


  1. I could go for some of that crab. I wonder if he wouldn't mind sharing:)

  2. Beautiful reflections in the water. Love the actions shots with his head in the water.

  3. The photos are superb, and the running commentary is fun and informative. Will be in Madeira Beach for the month of January... can't wait.

  4. Hi Julie, Another wonderful post here. I especially enjoyed the sequence: contemplation, action, reward. Had to smile about that. Reflections are beautiful. Lighting is precise. I thought it was neat the way you pre-planned the session to occur at low tide to afford these excellent captures. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to you and your family for the holiday season. John

  5. A Natale tutti ritorniamo bambini! Allora ti auguro che la gioia, la pace e l'allegria, possano accompagnarti per tutti i giorni dell'anno. Buon Natale

  6. Amazing captures. I feel as though I am right there with these birds.

  7. These are some amazing shots! The colors are so bright and clear.

  8. As always, Julie, your photographs are captivating!! Happy New Year!