Friday, January 16, 2015

Birds of the Gulf Coast

This past November, my husband and I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with family down in Longboat Key, Florida. Below are several of the lovely birds seen while visiting a few birding hotspots in the area.

A beautiful Roseate Spoonbill flaps its impressive pink wings

Foraging at the shoreline ~ American Oystercatchers

Seeking food in the calm Sarasota Bay waters ~ Great Egret

Stepping gingerly amid the reeds ~ Little Blue Heron

An Anhinga soaks in the sunshine

A Yellow-crowned Night-Heron delights in its crunchy crab catch

A female Osprey seeks a perch to feast on her large fish entree

Exploring the lush vegetation ~ Limpkins

A lone White Pelican soars aloft

Wading in the shallows ~ Tricolored Heron

A Great Blue Heron shows off its handsome profile

Searching for insects in the palm fronds ~ Yellow-throated Warbler

A Northern Harrier swoops through Celery Fields

Below I have listed some of my favorite birding destinations on the West Coast of Florida

~ Myakka River State Park -

~ Oscar Scherer State Park -

Posted by Julie Gidwitz 
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  1. What a great series of shore birds, enjoyed a lot.

  2. Great variety - wonderful photos and beautiful weather!

  3. Superb series of images! Sure wish I lived near there -- oh, wait -- I do!!

    Really enjoyed your post, Julie!

  4. Julie, what wonderful pictures and what fun birds to see! I still have never seen a limpkin in spite of several tripos to Florida!

  5. Wonderful post! Oystercatchers--one of my favorite birds!