Sunday, August 16, 2009

Advertising Opportunities

This blog was created with the original purpose of sharing my joy of birding with those in my specific community. In the last few months my birding blog interests have expanded to include regular interviews with Idaho Birders, reviews of products and books, and reports of my birding adventures outside of my community. My enthusiasm for birding and blogging along with readership continue to grow.

I am happy to receive financial support to sustain my hobby and passion while at the same time promoting products or services that I can personally endorse.

Any company wishing to promote feeders or seed products, let’s talk! I am very interested in providing a weekly blog segment on Idaho Backyard Birding featuring your products. Donation of your products would be deemed as payment.

If you are interested in advertising on this site, please contact me to make specific arrangements. To send me an e-mail, please click on the "Ask the Avimor Bird Guy" icon in the sidebar.

Here is a sample what I can offer:

1. A one-time post dedicated to your product or service. $25.00
2. A 250x250 logo-link in the side bar:
   o $5.00/month for a 12 month agreement
   o $7.50/month for a 6 month agreement
   o $10.00/month for a 3 month agreement
   o $15.00/month for a 1 month agreement
3. Logos and graphics should be sent to me by e-mail.
4. Payment is required before it will be placed on the site
5. PayPal is the preferred method for payment, but other arrangements can be made.
6. I may be agreeable to in-store credit rather than payment.

If you would like me to review and promote your book, I would be happy to do so in exchange for a free copy sent to:

Robert Mortensen
18218 N. Highfield Way
Boise, ID 83714

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