Monday, August 24, 2009

Birding Adventures TV Show

I was notified a recently by e-mail from the TV host of a new TV series about Birding, called Birding Adventures on the Fox Sports Network (FSN). In my area it is broadcast Saturday mornings. I set up my DVR to record the half hour show and I've watch a couple of episodes now. James Currie asked me to let other birders know about the new show, but I figured I'd review it before I endorsed it.

Overall, I like Birding Adventures. James Currie the host, originally from South Africa, with his his accent, is somewhat Crocodile Hunter-esque in his presentation; very energetic and often in intense whispers. The show does side-track into other cool things that they happen to be seeing along the birding trail, which is fine by me, because that is my reality too. My only complaint about the show is that it is not in hi-definition so the cinematography doesn't show well on my hi-def screen. Perhaps with a few more viewers and a larger budget they can take it to that next level.

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