Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ask the Avimor Bird Guy...dirt bank with bird holes

From Mary D. in Eagle, ID:

"I noticed a picture of a wall with holes on your home page.... There is a wall like that right by my house... I have always wondered what type of bird does that. Can you tell me?"

Thanks for asking Mary! The picture shows a Bank Swallow nesting site. Bank Swallows like to tunnel into the sand or dirt banks to nest.

Barn Swallows tend to build mud nests under bridges or under protected covers of buildings. We've had Barn Swallows nest in the covered entryways of a couple of homes here at Avimor. If you don't want the mess, I'd encourage you knock the nests down before they finish building them and lay eggs. Cliff Swallows build gourd-shaped mud nests on very sheer rocky cliffs.

At Avimor, we currently have a few Barn Swallows swooping around, but the other swallow types have already migrated south.

To learn quick-ID tips for swallows that can be seen in our area click here.

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