Saturday, December 26, 2009

Review: Good Birders Don't Wear White

This was the book that Bill Thompson III sent me for winning his blog caption contest in November.  It was autographed by editor Lisa White and by Bill on the chapter he authored.  This is now a keepsake book, so it will not be passed along to prize winners from my blog contests.  This is a book that will be enjoyed by every birder.

I read this book in three days.  It has essays from 50 of the best and well known birders.  I laughed a lot as I read it as it captures some of the goofy nature of birders and birds.  Tons of great tips were given to birders of all levels, from backyard birders, to tour participants, to bird photographers.  It felt like reading 50 fantastic magazine articles about birding.  I'm not going to get into details about all the different essays, just go out and buy it for yourself or for your birdwatching friends!

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