Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow and the Birds

This morning's snow brought the birds to my feeders.  It is fun to watch the Dark-eyed Juncos swarming over the yard and chasing in the snow.  Finches in the tree, on the ground, at the feeders, on my patio.  I even had a pair of White-Crowned Sparrows drop in to join the fun.  Sorry, I am not a pro photographer and these images were through my window with a cheap digital camera.

I refilled the bird bath with warm water and all three species loved it!  Drinking it and splashing in it.

I had a bunch of tumble weeds pile up against the shepherds hook and I was about to burn them, but the birds seem to appreciate the protective cover, so I'll leave them for now.

Juncos in the bush...

White-crowned Sparrow at the Bird Bath

Hey, this isn't a's Claire!
(Claire still thinks birds are an alien invasion species and she thinks her mission in life to save mankind by scaring them away when they come to the feeders)

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