Friday, December 31, 2010

Birding Goals

At the end of last year I posted my 2010 Birding Goals.  Let's see how I did:

1. Submit a checklist to eBird at least once per day.

641 birding checklists to eBird in 2010 by me, so well over an average of one per day.  While I didn't submit a checklist every day of the year, I still feel I achieved this goal.

2. Be first to record 210 species in Idaho on eBird.

I was the 8th Idaho eBirder to hit the benchmark of 210 species reported to eBird in the little competition I had set up.  It was a lot of fun and it was really good for eBird in Idaho!

3. Add 20 life birds.

This goal was achieved, and then some, as I added 55 life birds in 2010!  Thanks in part to my travels in the east coast during the fall, wherein I added 30 species.  I added 25 life birds in Idaho and so would have achieved the goal anyway.

2011 Birding Goals

1.  Submit 700 checklists to eBird
2.  Add 20 life birds - this will take some luck.
3.  My current Utah life list is at 72 species, so I'm going to shoot for 150 which should be achievable and hopefully will not add any undue stress on my family.


  1. Impressive! Congrats on meeting your goals. Wishing you a productive 2011 filled with many more life birds and submissions. Happy birding!

  2. Thanks Debbie! May you and yours have a wonderful 2011 too.

  3. Happy New Year Robert! Well done! I am working on a similar post right now. You should acheive your new life list/Utah list goals without any trouble I would think. Like I said, I can give you some tips on where to find birds in Utah and in Wyoming! Thanks for the nice Birder's Profile. I linked to it on my Facebook page and in my recent blogpost!

  4. 55 life birds in 2010, man that's very impressive.... I probably only added something like 20!!! I hope you will realize your wishes for 2011. All the best for 2011!