Monday, December 20, 2010

On the Second Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me...

Two Turtle Doves
Christians view the dove as symbol of the Holy Spirit. The world today sees it as a symbol of peace. For centuries doves have symbolized love and fertility. Roman and Greek mythology has them too. Whether it is true or not, it is a commonly held belief that doves mate for life and as such are symbols of true love and fidelity.

During the middle ages these doves were more likely to have been kept in cages as pets rather than eaten. Interestingly, Turtle Doves are migratory whereas Rock Pigeons and Mourning Doves are not so much. You can find Turtle Doves in northern Europe from April to September, but due to habitat loss, they are quickly declining in numbers.

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  1. that's a really cute picture. something about birds (or any animals, really) drinking. It's just plain, well, cute :)