Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Neighborhood Birding

Great Horned Owls are pretty common in my Boise foothills neighborhood and can be seen most of the year.  Winter is prime time Great Horned Owl viewing here as they are roosting in the trees right along the entrance into my neighborhood and there aren't so many leaves to hide them.  We've been watching one on the very branch pictured above for the last month, but recently a mate has been found very nearby.  This is the time of year when they seem to hook up and often are sitting on a nest before the snow melts.
 Another nearby Boise foothills neighborhood has been hosting a Western Scrub-Jay which are very uncommon in the Boise area.  I went there with my wife and youngest daughter to find it.  I asked Claire, my three year old, to help me find the bigger blue bird.  Her reply was "That's too boring."  Her boredom however was overcome in seconds when we came upon a flock of Wild Turkeys!

After searching for the Western Scrub-Jay for an hour without luck, we were all bored and called it day. 

That's just the way birding is...sometimes there is boredom and disappointment, but almost always there's a surpirse...that's why Birding is Fun!


  1. wonderful day of birding, love the photos.

  2. Oh it is fun!! Even when the same birds come to the feeder day after day .... I get so much joy from watching those amazing creatures!
    LOVE this post!!

  3. @Kerri Thanks for and amen to your comment!

  4. Boy- come visit over here and you can find all of the scrub jays you want! Love the owls. I saw one in my backyard once but didn't have the camera.

  5. sweet owl and turkey shots! we were camping in Big Bend last week and had two great horned owls calling early in the morning - love it!

  6. Excellent work ....Keep posting more.I will defiantly add wanna add some my clicks with your respective permission.Out of this world posts....