Monday, August 8, 2011

Anticipation Building for Midwest Birding Symposium

A couple dozen fantastic reasons to attend the Midwest Birding Symposium at Lakeside, Ohio on September 15-18th!

Al Batt
David M. Bird
Kevin J. Cook
Pete Dunne
Jeff Gordon
Mark Garland
Keith Hansen
Alvaro Jaramillo
Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman
Ben Lizdas
Jim McCormac
Greg Miller
Michael O'Brien
Nicole Perretta
Diane Porter
John Robinson
Marie Read
Bridget Stutchbury
Connie Toops
Bill Thompson, III
Louise Zemaitis
Julie Zickefoos
Ohio Young Birders Club

Just looking at the list has me as anxious and excited as a tween Justin Bieber fan.  I know most of these names from all the birding books, magazines and blogs I read so regularly.  Visit the official Midwest Birding Symposium website to read more about the speakers and their topics and to register to attend!

They have scheduled birding time in the morning, so I am very excited about that.  I hope I can go birding with a few of the people listed above!  Looking at eBird sightings reported for mid-September in Lakeside and the surrounding area, I should be able to add 20 life birds fairly easily.  What makes that extra exciting is that I will mostly likely add my 400th life bird on this trip!  Brace yourselves for my rendition of the life bird dance.


  1. Since I can make it~~` :( :( I look forward to your posts on the event! Awesome cast of characters..You will have a blast!

  2. ...I'll see you there, because I'm going too! I went to the previous symposium two years ago, and I loved it!

  3. @Dawn - I'm sorry you won't be there. Our paths continue to cross, but we don't get to meet and go birding. One day!

    @Kelly - Wahoo!!! I can't wait to meet you. If its not too much to ask, can I get a Chickadee with heart-petals print autographed?! I hope there is an opportunity for you to show off your paintings.

  4. So glad you are going and so jealous!!!!! I would be tempted except that my son, Alex, who just returned from a year in Afghanistan is coming to visit us at that same time! I cannot WAIT to hug him so the birds will just have to wait until next year.

    BTW, I am also one species away from 400 life birds! I wonder who will get there first!

  5. Wow, Robert, I just want to say you have really improved your blog! Love all the pages you have for all the various birding activities and interviews! You are doing a GREAT job for the birds and birding! Love the idea of the kestrel count but there was no way to leave a comment on that page and tell you if we are going to participate.

    BTW, young Kyle looks a lot like his Dad! Lovely family you have there. Sure hope I get to meet you one day.

    Here are a couple of Birders you might want to add to your interview list: Bill Sheehan from Northern Maine:

    And Hilke Breder from One Jackdaw Birding

    You are certainly a rising star in the world of birding!