Tuesday, August 9, 2011

While I was birding...

Blue-eyed Darner - Camp Maple Dell - Payson Canyon, UT
Alkali Blue Damselfly - Camp Maple Dell, Payson Canyon, UT
Eight-spotted Skimmer - Camp Maple Dell, Payson Canyon, UT
Pondhawk (male) - Camp Maple Dell, Payson Canyon, UT
Pondhawk (?) worn - Camp Maple Dell, Payson Canyon, UT
Brown Garden Snail (?) - General Holm Park, Jordan River Parkway Trail, SLC, UT (My lunch-hour patch)
Plume Thistle with some kind of bee (?)
Penstemon (which kind?)
Penstemon (which kind?)
Salt Brush

Anything I attempted to identify, I did so using the web and I am very interested in being corrected if need be.


  1. So many lovely photographs! A wonderful variety. Thanks for taking us along on your birding walk.

  2. Fantastic shots, all. I especially like the darner in flight. I have a hard enough time capturing them when they're still!

  3. Ahhhh Robert - I love flowers and those are some great pics!

  4. Awesome Robert! I don't know how you got that close-up of the damselfly head on! Wow!

  5. Nice series Robert
    I love that snail picture...

  6. @Julie @Kent and Wendy @Kathie @MikeyBoy - Ahh...thanks guys!

    @Kim - I love your blog. Thx for commenting here so I could find yours.