Monday, September 17, 2012

Shorebirds in Vermont

A Yellowlegs standing by the reeds From 8.12
As some are aware, I moved this summer to Vermont in the Champlain Valley from CT. Other than the stress of moving, the experience has reinforced our decision to do this move, we love it here. One of the perks up here is the birds. My Yard list after 2 months is already 3 times what my yard list in CT was, including a life bird. Although I find shorebird ID a challenge, I love them, and in the past have had to travel 3 hours to Plum Island, MA or 1 hour to the CT shore to view them, often from afar, or a small variety.
Great Egret with a fish (spoiler alert, he drops it) From 8.12
My experience in Vermont at first surprised me that so many shorebirds in late summer might be found so far inland, but they are migrating from up north, so it makes sense. I wanted to share some of the variety I have seen. And I suppose herons may not be considered shorebirds by some, but they are still cool, right?  I have had a couple life birds (shorebirds), the Pectoral Sandpiper and Red-Necked Phalarope , and a maybe look at a Stilt Sandpiper - but I was not sure so not counted.  Things should get even better over the course of the next month which is exciting.
Greater Yellowlegs From 8.12
Great Blue Heron From 8.12
Green Heron about to pounce From 8.12
Least Sandpiper From 8.12
Pectoral Sandpiper - a life bird for me From 8.12
Pectoral with a yellowlegs feeding From 8.12
Solitary Sandpiper From 8.12
Red-Necked Phalarope - note the eddy from it making it's signature swirls to feed in the vortex From 8.12
Phalarope near a Greater and flying Lesser Yellowlegs From 8.12
Lesser Yellowlegs From 8.12
Great comparison Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs From 8.12
Yellowlegs in flight From 8.12


  1. Nice post Dan! Sounds like you are in some really nice habitat. 3 times your previous yard list already?! Very cool.

  2. Sweet shots Dan. There's something so exciting about shorebirding, you feel like something new or rare is always just around the corner; there's so much variety.

  3. Admire your bird shots. Thanks for the visit.

  4. Wonderful post filled with beautiful photographs! So many elegant birds featured here. Love the yellowlegs in flight image, though all are terrific. So glad to hear the birdwatching in Vermont has been great.

  5. These are SUPER!!! So glad you guys are happy with your move :)

  6. So many sweet birds you get to see. I like their reflections in the water - fun!
    xo Catherine

  7. Thank you all for the very nice comments.

  8. Lovely shots, Dan. You make me want to visit the Dead Creek area again, but it's three hours north from where I live. Congrats on the Pectoral Sandpiper!

  9. Wonderful shots, Dan. IDing shorebirds are the most difficult for me.

  10. Wonderful collection of shorebirds, Dan! Some of my favorites are the Phalarope and the Green Heron. Congrats on your lifers! Happy Birding!

  11. Great shorebird collection Dan! I can imagine your excitement over seeing the Pectoral Sandpiper and for having so many new yard birds!