Saturday, March 2, 2013


I particularly enjoy photographing birds in and around water. Tidal pools, shallow ponds, puddles and still water can offer interesting and beautiful reflections to enhance your bird photographs. While birds are always my main interest, an appealing foreground and/or background can assist in creating a more attractive image.

~ Cinnamon Teal ~
Partly cloudy skies and a distant building gave rise to this interesting effect

~ Black-bellied Plover ~
Bright blue skies offer beautiful reflections

~ Hooded Merganser ~
A pond surrounded by greenery results in striking green reflections

~ Sora ~
This interesting effect was created by very gusty winds and partly cloudy skies

~ Wood Duck ~
Still waters and a clear day often allow for a mirror effect

~ Wood Stork ~
A low tide, early morning sun and lush green mangroves enhance this pretty reflection

~ Great Egret ~
A slight ripple reveals a lovely reflection

~ Snowy Egret ~
Great contrast can make for a stunning scene

~ Sanderling ~
I snapped this shot while the tiny Sanderling was zipping across a tidal pool

~ Roseate Spoonbill ~

~ White Ibis ~

~ Brown Pelican ~

~ Willet ~
This molten metal-like reflection was the result of a beachfront condominium structure

~ Great Blue Heron ~
Still creek waters offer stunning reflections

~ Northern Waterthrush ~
A windy day and clear blue skies produced this wavy reflection

~ Mallards ~
A fallen tree in the pond resulted in the painted-like appearance of the water

~ Cinnamon Teal ~
Surprisingly, this interesting reflection was created by a high-rise building located a couple of blocks away from the pond

~ Ring-billed Gull ~

Posted by Julie A. Gidwitz


  1. Preciosas capturas en el agua.Saludos

  2. absolutely amazing! Adding this blog to favourites right now :)

  3. Woah sharp shots! And those reflections give ya a 2 for 1 deal, what a bargain!

    I love the Sora doing its impression of a Turkey, but the composition in that last Ring-billed Gull photo is truly marvelous. If I had big heaps of money laying around, I'd throw them wherever necessary to buy that photo!

  4. Neat collection of images, Julie. And a good reminder that an interesting photo is so much more than just the subject.

  5. These are all gorgeous images, Julie! The beautiful colors in the reflections are definitely an added bonus! The Cinnamon Teal is so handsome and the reflection in the Waterthrush photo is particularly interesting! Great post!

  6. Julie, these are all amazing reflection captures. And the birds are wonderful too. They are all gorgeous, way too hard to pick any favorites, I loved them all. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  7. Lovely photos and reflections! Love the water lights and ripples in many of the photos.

  8. Your photos are so crisp and gorgeous! I especially like the reflections of the ducks.

  9. Beautiful, Julie! I'm with you on the water!!

  10. ALWAYS enjoy your photos Julie, a pleasure to view this post. Love them all!