Saturday, June 7, 2014

City Birds

New York City 4-21-2014
Early light falls softly on city streets,

Flowers bursting from their winter’s sleep,

White-throated sparrow

Sparrows singing along the lawn,

Northern Cardinal
Cardinals calling a springtime song,

Love is in the air,

In the park, in the lake,

Bufflehead (female)

Ducks looking for love,

Hens looking for drakes,

Flickers searching along the path,

Blue Jays calling, falling fast,

Red-tailed hawk keeps a sharp look-out,

Rock pigeons coo and waddle about,

Rock pigeons live a sheltered life,

In the city, day and night.

Wandering paths where wildflowers bloom,

Life in the city conceals the truth,

Nesting is happening in this busy town,

Central Park in New York City 4-21-2014

Life is sprouting in Central Park town!

~Kathie Adams Brown (June 6, 2014)

Now that I am back on the east coast I am enjoying visiting all my favorite birding haunts, including New York City! I was there a bit early for warbler migration, but I still saw some good birds and had a great time! Come visit me at Kathie's Birds!