Monday, June 16, 2014

Magnificent Warblers!

Without a doubt, spring is my favorite season for birding. Exquisite migrating birds adorned in brilliant breeding plumage pass through the Midwest during the spring months. Birders, nature lovers and wildlife photographers delight in the dazzling beauty of feeding warblers throughout the migration season. This post features a variety of the magnificent warblers seen during this glorious period.

A resplendent Blackburnian Warbler explores the oak tree leaves for prey

Seeking nourishment along the creek ~ Prothonotary Warbler

A stunning Chestnut-sided Warbler among the budding pink blossoms

A black-capped bird in pursuit of a meal ~ Wilson's Warbler

A brilliant Yellow Warbler pauses for a moment in the marsh

A secretive Kentucky Warbler searches for food amongst the leaf litter

A gorgeous Magnolia Warbler gleans insects from a budding tree

A handsome Black and white Warbler searches for bugs hidden in the crevices of tree bark

Crooning a tune ~ Hooded Warbler

A lovely Canada Warbler looks for nutrition amidst pretty pink blooms

Seeking a tasty treat of insects or larvae ~ Black-throated Blue Warbler

On the hunt for a buggy snack ~ Pine Warbler

Perched in the lush foliage ~ Blue-winged Warbler

A beautiful Prairie Warbler forages in low tree branches

 A Black-throated Green Warbler sports attractive feather markings

A male American Redstart shows off his striking plumage

Spring is indeed a spectacular time for birding!

Posted by Julie Gidwitz ~ Nature's Splendor Blog -


  1. Awesome, I haven't yet succeeded in getting close enough to get a warbler.

  2. Fabulous collection Julie.

    You are so fortunate to have so many very colourful migrant Warblers as opposed to the UK where most of them are LBJ's.

  3. I'm so impressed with each shot. A portrait that defines each bird perfectly!

  4. Fantastic birds, excellent photos Julie.

  5. Absolutely stunning photos of so many fantastic warblers! Nice work!

  6. what camera and lens do you use to get these gorgeous photos of the warblers?

    1. Thank you kindly, Mim. I use a Canon EOS 7D digital SLR camera with a Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 IS telephoto lens.

  7. Hi Julie, Another wonderful set of photos! I especially love the composition of your photos. You are expert at snapping that shutter button at just the right moment. Hope you have a wonderful summer. Will look forward to your next post, as always. John