Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring Birds in Maine

Ring-billed Gulls at Wharton Point in Brunswick, ME 3-23-2014
When I first moved to Maine last February I knew I was in for some new and fun birding. While I had lived in Maine twice before, I had never lived here since starting my blog or becoming an eBirder. Now was my chance to add to my species list in Maine, and possibly add some Life Birds to my Life List! Either way, I knew I would have fun Birding in Maine! Last month I posted photos of some of the birds I have seen in Winter. With spring just around the corner, I figured it was time to take a look at some of the birds I saw here last spring. If you read the captions beneath each photo you will see the name of the species and the date and place they were seen. I especially love this photo of the Ring-billed Gulls above. They look so sleek and handsome perched on this utility pole near Wharton's Point in Brunswick, which is just about 6 miles form where I live.

Mallard Drake in the Androscoggin River, Brunswick, ME 3-29-2014

Red-breasted Mergansers at Simpson Point, ME 4-2-2014

Brown Creeper, Reid State Park, Georgetown, ME 4-11-14

Sanderlings, Reid State Park, Georgetown, ME 4-11-2014

Savannah Sparrow, my backyard, Brunswick, ME 4-14-14

Common Loon, Reid State Park, Georgetown, ME 4-25-14

Piping Plover, Reid State Park 4-25-14

Double-creasted Cormorant, Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, ME 5-9-14

Indigo Bunting, my yard in Brunswick, ME 5-21-14

Broad-winged Hawk, my yard 6-2-14

Yellow Warbler, Mere Point Boat Launch, Brunswick, ME 6-2-14

Gray Catbird, Mere Point Boat Launch 6-2-14

Common Eider drake, Mere Point Boat Launch, Brunswick, ME 6-3-14
With three feet of snow on the ground and Maquoit Bay and Mere Point Bay still frozen, it may be awhile before I see some of these ducks nearby anytime soon, but I am looking forward to their return, along with all the other spring birds as this snow slowly melts and spring returns once again. Click on the links below to visit me at my own blog, or to see the bird lists for any of the eBird Hotspots I birded in Maine.


  1. Kathy, your pictures are exquisite! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, KaHolly! I am looking forward to seeing more this year!

  3. All your bird shots are fabulous and my favourite is the Piping Plover with it. Spring will come son for you I am sure.

    1. Margaret, yes. I can feel it in the air and so can the birds! Thank you!