Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cedar Waxwing, Quail & Swainson's Hawk Nest

This week we installed the baseball backstop at Foothills Heritage Park with the help of a large fork lift. We decided to take advantage of having the lift to see if we could sneak a higher peak into the Swainson's Hawk nest near the Avimor Entry Towers. We weren't able to really get a good unobscured angle for viewing and Momma Hawk kept giving me the evil eye. Look through the foliage and see if you can make her out. This is the best my piece of junk camera could do:

Right next to the baseball field we discovered a California Quail nest with 10 eggs as well as a Cedar Waxwing nest with newly hatched chicks.

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  1. a Cedar Waxwing found its way to our yard in Eagle, ID. It seams to be disoriented and doesn't fly away. Only opens one eye. Any ideas I what I should do to care for it? thanks Brian