Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Perfect Summer Morning at Avimor

What a perfect Summer morning for birding! I took my habitual walk along Spring Valley Creek's greenbelt and enjoyed a couple dozen species of birds. The most interesting thing I saw today had to be the Long-tailed Weasel stalking over a dozen California Quail chicks. The three adult quail would charge the weasel while the chicks ran or fluttered to safety.
I am expecting Swainson Hawk chicks any day now.

On a personal birding note, I observed my life bird #300 last week, a Red-eyed Vireo. I had to leave Avimor to do it, but it wasn't too far away. Just north of the town of Horseshoe Bend is Porter Creek Rd (on some maps it says Jerusalem Rd, but the sign for the turn-off on Hwy 55 says Porter Creek).

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