Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swainson's Hawk Nest Update

It appears that the Swainson's Hawk nest by the Avimor Entry Tower may have failed. Both the male and female Swainson's are still flying and hunting around the area, but I never see either of them go near the nest anymore. I don't hear or see any white fluffy chicks up there either. There are many reasons that a nest might fail...predators, infertile eggs, etc. Swainson's don't seem to mind the proximity to humankind, so I don't think that was an issue. I don't know if they would attempt another clutch this year or not.

Kind of sad...

With the fledging of the 5 Great Horned Owls and 7 Red-Tailed Hawks up this year I guess I took nesting success for granted. By the way, we saw the two juvenile Great Horned Owls on the July Bird Walk up Spring Valley Creek Trail.

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