Friday, September 17, 2010

Photos from an evening nature walk in Idaho

Garden Spider - there was another just a foot away about the same size.  Dining on all the grasshoppers has made them extra plump.
Say's Phoebe - the first of the flycatchers to return in the Spring and the last to leave in the fall.
I believe this is a type of Carolina Locust
Black-capped Chickadee - It was fun to watch of few of these eating the tiny sunflower seeds.


  1. Great pictures. Too busy this last two weeks to fish but visited the Long-eared owls and there were about 10 of them at Market Lake.

  2. @Bill My long-eared owls didn't stick around. I hope they come back to the same area to nest next year though.

  3. Nice shot of the garden spider. We're pretty much overrun by cross spiders here- doesn't seem to be any room for other orb weavers.

  4. A great spider shot. You could scare a few folk with that picture.