Friday, March 11, 2011

The American Robin

A well known, well loved, classic beautiful bird!  

If you think about it, the American Robin epitomizes what most North Americans think of when they consider song birds, nesting birds, and especially bird eggs.  Three states (CT, MI, WI) have it as their state bird.  It is one popular bird!

I love watching them strut the ground feeling the vibrations of subterranean worms.  They cock their heads as if listening or looking with one eye for worms.  What is that all about anyway?


  1. A classic maybe, but a wonderful one ;-) I love the American robin!!! Great pictures...

  2. Splendid photographs! I'm always thrilled to see my first robin during the winter months ... it's a sure sign that glorious spring is on the way.

  3. Nice shot! I saw my first one this morning hopping, and then listening, in a wetland area where the snow has finally melted. Much more natural than seeing them in the winter feeding on crab apples.

  4. Thank you all for your comments! and special thanks for following Birding is Fun!